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More than the cost per hour, it is how much we produce and what we deliver in that time that matters. With over thirty years of experience you can expect efficient problem solving, well-honed skills and great resources.

Our experience helps you avoid expensive mistakes.


What We Bring to the Table

We provide resources others may not have access to, such as Trade-Only showrooms, and additional resources you may not know about. These are pre-screened vendors established a track record of success. Likewise, this is true for our service providers, contractors and sub-contractors. Because of our decades of experience, we have established and well-developed relationships with vendors. These allow us to make many purchases as a “stocking dealer” – This means great savings to you.

Well planned projects take less time overall, and have fewer headaches and surprises for everyone on the team. We help you make initial selections that are right for your budget. This saves time and avoids headaches down the road. Our excellent design and specification documents allow the fabricators to understand exactly what is to be done. We are there to help you resolve potential issues as they arise. And they will, of course. It is what we do with them that matters most!

Because we are there, checking on work as it progresses, you have peace of mind knowing that quality control on your project is first rate. One final value to our clients is the transformation of your house into an extraordinary home, which expresses who YOU are… and who your family is.


Carol's small group classes are fun, interactive, engaging and full of the insider information only a professional can provide. Clear and concise with plenty of personal attention and answers to questions about your next project.

REMODELING – “Creating Tomorrow’s Home Today”

COLOR – “The Psychological and Physiological Affect of Color”

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