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Lifestyle Trends

Interior “fashion trends” come and go and have no place in interior design. Their function is purely commercial; to generate more purchasing of merchandise. Lifestyle trends, however, are here to stay, and is something to pay attention to when designing new spaces in your home. These are trends that come about by changes in the way we live.

green_design_interiors_los_gatos_Green design uses sustainable products which minimizes the harmful effects on human health as well as the surrounding environment. Some green products are already require in new commercial construction. Once that occurs, it is only a matter of time and we will see similar requirement in new home construction. In order to keep you house timeless, it is important to consider incorporating some green elements. Read More

Universal Design is the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. What makes a home universal? Everyone can use universal design! Young, old, short, tall, healthy, ill – handi-capable or prize-winning athlete. With universal design, people who are very different all enjoy the same home even as their needs change. Read More

Taking that extra bedroom and making it into a fully functional home office, is a real lifestyle trend. Rather than just putting a desk and computer in a bedroom, these days closets are being removed and built-in cabinets are being added. Sometimes this room is a working office for the telecommuter, and/or it might be the center for home work, managing the house hold or simply a place to spend time on the computer.  Read More

The great room is here to stay!  “As many rooms as possible” meant rooms too small to be useful. In recent years, people are interested in light, airy, spacious rooms where living and dining rooms are opened up to the kitchen and family room. The kitchen is treated like part of the dining room, rather than simply a utilitarian space. Homes under 2000 square feet – it is good to consider. If over 2000  square feet, both living and dining rooms are expected, however, the kitchen might be opened up to the family room.

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