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Additional Residential Reviews

I highly recommend Carol Woodard as a multi-talented professional Interior Designer. Her gracious manner and guidance will help you to discover your untapped personal interests and needs culminating in the development of a refined home. Carol’s in depth pre-screening process and her tactful expressions of caution regarding the selection process, assure the client a fulfilling outcome. I was so pleased with her expertise that I have contracted her to help with my Merced home. I only wish I could take advantage of the cadre of high caliber local contractors she has established over her years of experience in the valley.
Mrs. E.M. – Los Gatos, CA and Merced, CA

We remodeled our house and Carol helped with color choices for the interior and exterior. On the interior Carol choose a color that we would have never looked at and it’s incredible. Everyone that comes in the house comments on how warm and friendly the house seems. On the exterior we had our mind set on a green and Carol gently brought us over to a Mocha and with a dark brown trim, Umber accents and a Charcoal stained entry door. People stop and compliment the exterior whenever I’m out front.
“kgoodere” –  Review on HOUZZ

Thank you, Carol, for the past seven years of interior design service you have provided our family, in which you prepared our home for market and brought our sorely neglected current home into a light, comfortable, and inviting form. We appreciated your wonderful sense of color and use of materials, your help in choosing the very best quality items, and your suggestions to economize by improving what we already have without compromising overall results produced a unified flow that felt natural. While there was one glitch in the project, you impressed me by handling it with your usual very high professional standards. Since interior design is an ever-evolving process, I look forward to working with you in the future.
V.A. – Palo Alto, CA

Carol knows about universal design and aging in place as well as safety considerations and usability. She helped us to make beautiful choices that would add to the safety and usability of the home. She also knows a lot about materials costs. It saved us a lot of time to just be able to ask her questions about cost and safety instead of researching them on our own. We were glad that we worked with Carol because she helped us make decisions more efficiently than we would have been able to on our own. This ultimately meant our project finished faster and we are now enjoying our beautifully remodeled home.
“sunnymolly” – Excerpt from review on HOUZZ

I am enjoying the look and feel of our home and want to thank you, Carol. First, for your expertise in design and color. Secondly, for really including me in the plan. I felt like a participant in the process rather someone whose home had just been done. Thirdly, it was fun to learn why things looked and felt right. Your design style is unique and very special. And it was nice to be able to control the expenses.
B.D., CEO – Sunnyvale, CA

Anyone who selects you as their interior designer will benefit from your unusual approach: your help in distinguishing between trends and style, teaching us the practicality of buying a good piece of furniture instead of several so-so pieces, educating us regarding color, quality, and the feeling the overall design creates and helping me to be patient with pacing the project with the budget we could afford. I have become a real disciple of yours and will no longer indulge in impulse buys that are ultimately replaced in a couple years. Thank you for your guidance now and in the future. I will always be confident that you will help us design our home to satisfy us and not to impress yourself.
J.S. – Milpitas, CA

I hired Carol to help with an extensive remodel. It was a pleasure to work with her. Her expertise around colors is unmatched – she made sure colors we chose fit both our taste and temperament; the color scheme and quality of paint recommended by Carol is of highest and timeless quality. We look forward to an opportunity to work with her again.
“jtnowak” –  Review on HOUZZ

My husband and I have worked with Carol Woodard periodically over the years. She is gracious and pleasant; sensitive and responsive to the taste and needs of her clients; committed and hard working to her client’s satisfaction; knowledgeable of the intricacies of interior design including the psychological, visual, and acoustical aspects, and an unusual knowledge of lighting. Her approach is flexible and she is particularly considerate of her client’s finances. We have been pleased to use Carol Woodard as our designer, and to have been associated with her.
Dr. & Mrs. M.H. – Saratoga, CA

Should I be asked to describe a spoken portrait of a “Professional Interior Designer,” in two words, it would be Carol Woodard. She is one of those rare and talented people who really listen to what you say!!
B.L. – San Jose, CA

We first worked with Carol on our home in 2000 with a total renovation from getting architectural support to a kitchen, family room, bedroom and bathroom makeover. Carol worked with us on interior and exterior paint colors and overall helped us through the entire renovation process. We are currently working with Carol again on a second home and going through the same process. She listens to our needs and makes recommendations. She truly has a keen eye for design and color.
“pcurby” Review on HOUZZ

We particularly enjoyed our tutorial trip to San Francisco. It was very enlightening and provided us with our Master Plan. You were so very able to guide us skillfully in making color and style choices to fit with our Master Plan. We are very pleased with the results and although we are forced to relocate to New York we will take our Master Plan and your ideas with us.
Mr. & Mrs. W.T. – San Jose, CA and Washington, DC

We worked with Carol Woodard for the remodel of our front entry, living room, master bedroom and bath, office,dining room and family room. Her design suggestions were creative, practical and elegant and we now are living in our dream home! Carol worked seamlessly with our contractor and made it possible for us to remain living in our house during the entire remodel process. She made excellent choices for all of the flooring, cabinetry, finishes, window and wall treatments and furniture in each room, with an eye to not only beauty, but also choices that are eco-friendly (bamboo floors, etc.) Those have seen the completed project are amazed at the excellent way each room flows into the next. We are delighted to give Carol Woodard of Woodard and Associates our highest recommendation.
“lynnenoel” – Review on HOUZZ

I found Carol very creative, yet, logical in her approach to the design of our home. She made simple suggestions that were low cost yet warm and elegant, the effect was priceless. She also demonstrated her integrity when choosing furnishings for their appropriateness to the project rather attempting to sell me the most expensive pieces. I truly appreciate her patience with me as together we gave form to the way I wanted the place to feel. I highly recommend Carol to friends and business associates.
B.E. – Saratoga, CA

Carol Woodard helped me decorate my newly remodeled kitchen and I am very satisfied with the results. She was a very nice person to work with and very patient. I would use her again and recommend her to anyone who needs a good designer. They would be very pleased with her work.
E.L. – Los Gatos, CA

“We would like to heartily recommend Carol Woodard to you as the finest, most professional, and pleasant interior designer we have ever worked with. Carol incorporates all the qualities of an excellent communicator by listening to your needs and wishes, using your ideas along with hers, and then shows and tells you the resultant look that can be achieved. That “look” will always be the best available!

Our initial marvel at Carol began when she integrated our redecorating effort with the architect and builder so that all parties were coordinated and heading toward a common result. She developed design ideas with everyone and was sure the design could be achieved within the stated budget and time restraints. This approach assured the final “look” would be what we wanted and could afford.

We really appreciate the way Carol was straightforward with discussions about money. As usual, our redecorating was carefully budgeted but costs are seldom firm at the beginning of a project. Carol worked with us, the builder, and other vendors to achieve a wonderful new “look” for us at a reasonable cost. Where a lower cost option was available we all could discuss it and, sometimes, reduce cost.
Mr. & Mrs. J.T. – Saratoga, CA

It is a pleasure to recommend Carol Woodard for her excellence as an interior designer. Our extensive home remodel is almost complete and we are delighted with the results. We know that this is due primarily to Carol’s expertise and guidance.

Carol has a unique and wonderful gift of conceptualizing the possibilities of spaces and then guiding her clients as they choose the elements to fit that desired outcome. Her broad experience in working with skilled artisans and craftsmen in the area enabled us to avail ourselves of the best possible talent to make our dreams a reality. From the initial architectural choices right through to the final selection of the room accessories, Carol inspired us to consider new approaches or alternative options that in the end were exactly the correct avenues to success. We consistently sensed her keen personal interest in seeing our home become as beautiful as we had hoped it could be.

Throughout the project, Carol has shown unusual ability in creative design. Our award-winning granite and concrete fireplace with fiber optic lighting is a prime example of this. We appreciate her keen color sense and her eye for masterfully integrating colors to flow harmoniously throughout the house. Carol has also demonstrated a wide range of personal skills in dealing with contractors, vendors and craftsmen. She has maintained a very positive relationship with all those working in our home and has held them accountable to schedules so that we could move forward.

In addition to these many talents, Carol’s warm personality, intelligence and sincerity have resulted in our total confidence and trust in her work. She is absolutely deserving of the many commendations she has received from her professional peers. We whole-heartedly add our thanks and praises to her list of satisfied clients.
Mr. & Mrs. B.N. – Saratoga, CA

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