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Color Consult

color_interior_design_workshop_class_sanjose_Color affects us in many ways and is part of our psychological and biological heritage. Color and light affect our brain waves, hormonal responses, autonomic nervous system, and arouse emotional and aesthetic associations.

Our biological responses to color are beyond our control. Research proves that color has far greater impact on our day-to-day life than we even realize.

Color Your World – Create an Optimal Space

In addition to these psychological and biological responses, we also react to color based on personal, cultural, and symbolic associations. Within each of us and outside in nature and the man-made environment, complex reactions to color have profound meaning for and impact on our lives and livelihood.

Something as profound and powerful as the colors in which we live, work and play can be artfully applied when better understood. To fully understand how one’s personal fulfillment, performance and happiness is informed by color is to make the most of every space in your home or office.

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Carol's small group classes are fun, interactive, engaging and full of the insider information only a professional can provide. Clear and concise with plenty of personal attention and answers to questions about your next project.

REMODELING – “Creating Tomorrow’s Home Today”

COLOR – “The Psychological and Physiological Affect of Color”

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