Green Design

green_design_interiors_los_gatos-Most people think of green design in terms of architecture. In reality, green design principles apply to all sorts of design, including interiors, furniture, the manufacturing processes. Green, sustainable design principles also consider from where materials used in a product come and takes into account what effect those materials have on the environment over the life of the product. In terms of building homes and offices, designers must consider a multitude of things; among them, how to minimize construction waste.

Green building design incorporates strategies to reduce energy and water use. Green interior design includes low-volatile organic paints and carpeting to reduce in-house emissions. It also means using sustainably harvested materials, such as bamboo or other woods for flooring. Green furniture is made from sustainable materials, such as soy-based foams, sustainably-harvested woods, recycled and reclaimed materials. They also use non-toxic solvents in their manufacturing process.