I have worked with Carol Woodard periodically over the years. She is gracious and pleasant; sensitive and responsive to the taste and needs of her clients; committed and hard working to her client's satisfaction; knowledgeable of the intricacies of interior design including the psychological, visual, and acoustical aspects, and an unusual knowledge of lighting… Saratoga, [...]

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It is my pleasure to recommend Woodard and Associates… Carol Woodard's professionalism and creative flair proved to be major assets. She was able to furnish my new office in an extremely tasteful manner while keeping to a very limited budget. I look forward to working with Woodard and Associates upon expansion of my business. Saratoga, [...]

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It has been our pleasure to work with Carol on various projects, both at home and the office…. Her professional demeanor brings out a confidence necessary to try something out of the ordinary that has always resulted in our surprised pleasure and pride of accomplishment… I have enthusiastically recommended her to my clients. Los Gatos, [...]

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Hiring Woodard and Associates was a wise investment for my medical clinic. Carol and her team helped create a soothing atmosphere through the use of colors and textures that helped the healing begin the minute our patients walked through the door. I always felt the project was under control… that Carol was personally managing all [...]

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Anyone who selects you as their interior designer will benefit from your approach: your help in distinguishing between trends and style, teaching us the practicality of buying a good piece of furniture instead of several so-so pieces, educating us regarding color, quality, and the feeling the overall design creates… I have become a real disciple [...]

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The finishing touch on the showroom was a mural we used to show a company/family history. This tribute to our dad and grandparents is the centerpiece of the showroom and had to be perfect. I must say, she nailed it! It truly was the finishing touch. Without Carol, the project would not have had the [...]

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Thank you, Carol, for the past 7 years of interior design service. You prepared our home for market and brought our… current home into a light, comfortable, and inviting form. We appreciated your wonderful sense of color and use of materials... your suggestions to economize by improving what we already have without compromising overall results… [...]

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We have worked with Woodard and Associates for the past 5 years. Carol has done an excellent job… we present many challenges to a designer. We are both meticulous and opinionated, and poor at visualizing colors and fabrics that will actually work in our home. Carol is patient and perseverant; she does not push her [...]

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Carol's small group classes are fun, interactive, engaging and full of the insider information only a professional can provide. Clear and concise with plenty of personal attention and answers to questions about your next project.

REMODELING – “Creating Tomorrow’s Home Today”

COLOR – “The Psychological and Physiological Affect of Color”

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