10 Steps – Interior Design & Remodeling Process

The Interior Design and Remodeling Process Takes Time

It’s May 2012 and it is beginning to look like our economy is moving upward a little. If you or someone you know is considering a remodeling project, this is the perfect time to start thinking about the design process. Having been in business for over thirty years, I have seen it all—the highs and the lows… And while it is frustrating to wait to start a project, it is even more frustrating to be in the midst of a project, when everyone else is doing the same.


Be the First in Line – Start NOW!

The thing that is different this time is that this down turn has really affected the construction industry. Many large, well-established companies have had to seriously down size. Suppliers who are still in business have had to do the same.

What does this mean to you when you begin to feel secure enough to start your project?

Well, it means that you will have to wait for services and products, as companies cautiously ramp up again to meet the needs. Therefore, if you are serious about doing a remodel to your house, but you are just waiting, this is really the time to get started. Begin by putting together yours design team, the interior designer / architect.


10 Steps – Interior Design & Remodeling Process

1. Determine Scope of Project
2. Research Design Options
3. Create Master Design Plan
4. Get Rough Construction Estimates
5. Refine Design Per Budget
6. Get Working Drawings & Permits
7. Select All of the Finishes
9. Finish Detailing
10. Project Complete

You can see why this is the perfect time to start selecting your team.You now have the time to thoughtfully go through the design process, while you wait for the economy to stabilize.When that occurs, you will already have you team in place and they will be able start on your project, before everyone else gets started.

The design process is relatively inexpensive to the total cost of the project.Of course, you need to be serious about doing some work to your house, but if you or someone you know is serious, now is the time to get there before everyone else does.


Take a Class with Carol Woodard

Carol Woodard, ASID, is president and award-winning principal designer for Woodard & Associates. We work with people who love where they live, yet need some level of improvement to fulfill their lifelong dream.

Your Perfect Remodel…   Starts with Education!
A good class can help you know the best place to begin.

“I am passionate about education and love to share what I know. Because I understand that your time is at a premium, I fill my classes with valuable information and make sure that your experience is fun, interactive and engaging. The small groups make it possible for you to get answers to many of the questions that arise. You benefit from my experience in the industry and leave with information designed to enable smart decisions and make the best use of the budget you have – on any remodeling project. I’d love for you to be my guest at an upcoming class in the Saratoga/Los Gatos area.”  – Carol Woodard, ASID


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COLOR – The Psychological and Physiological Affect of Color – How to use your biological response to color in combination with your personal, cultural, and symbolic color associations to create your perfect home.

REMODELING – Creating Tomorrow’s Home Today – How to apply tricks and tips of the trade to your remodeling project and create a healthy, safe, and sustainable home. Become a lifestyle trend-setter – instead of a trend follower.

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