It Doesn’t Need to be Granite – Consider Concrete Surfaces

Are You Torn Between Granite and Concrete Surfaces for Your Home?

People have very concrete ideas about the surface choices for their home and want them to reflect who they are and how they live their lives. Surfaces used on a daily basis, like kitchen countertops, are a key part of a design that says “That’s me! (or us) Some people need a “fast and easy” option such as offered by a synthetic surface. These homeowners often lead busy lives that take frequently them away from home for meals. When they are at home, their home must be utilitarian and not require much effort to maintain.

Others choose more artistic materials. Choosing a stone or granite surface usually relates to an overall feel that the space is meant to reflect.  Colors, patterns and even imperfections are carefully considered in the process of choosing the surface. The qualities of the material must reflect the persona of the owner. The ultimate in material that reflects who the client is and what they want visitors to understand about them comes from having the surface created on a one-of-a-kind custom basis.

For example, concrete. With a concrete countertop, sink, fireplace fascia or other surface in the home, the client chooses the color, texture, and finish and that accurately reflects their personality.

10 Ways to Be Creative with Your Concrete Surfaces

You can do all sorts of things with concrete surfaces and can use it as a way to really express your personality or passion. Did you know, for example that as with mosaic designs, objects can be worked into you concrete surface. Here are 10 creative ones:

  1. Shells or other nautical themed objects
  2. Bicycle parts
  3. Cool coins and trinkets
  4. Antique objects, gears or tools
  5. Tile pieces or broken bits your Grandmother’s family china
  6. Children/Grandchildren’s footprints and handprints
  7. Sealed pictures of people or favorite vacation spots
  8. Glass time capsules
  9. Your favorite quotes
  10. Keys from your first home, car or the Key to Your Heart!

Precise color choice is possible and size and shape of concrete surfaces are specific to the client and designer’s specification.

Choose a Great Texture for Your Concrete Surface

Choosing decorative concrete surfaces is akin to purchasing fine art. Just as you would consider where to place a valuable antique vase or where to hang a fine painting to protect it from sunlight or moisture, considerations of maintenance and care must be part of the decision to purchase concrete. Sealers continue to evolve and improve and staining and etching are manageable issues.

Over time, a patina develops on concrete surfaces that are used daily. Like a fine leather chair, a little age wears well on concrete. Concrete is at the top of the list when it comes to sustainability. It is durable, can be recycled (crushed and re-used as aggregate) and can be fabricated using up to 95% recycled, locally sourced material. A new concrete formulation, IguanaCrete™, has moved concrete near the top of the list for those who are striving to be environmentally sensitive.

Take time to learn about decorative concrete if you are unfamiliar. Know the options available to you and choose the surface that gives you pleasure each time you enter the room.

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