Where in the World is Frank Lloyd Wright?

Frank Lloyd Wright – Living in Harmony

With the 50th anniversary of the passing of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, I believe it is correct to not only remember him for his outstanding, and at the time controversial, style of design, but also to acknowledge that he was a pioneer in advocating living in harmony with nature. This idea has had adherents from many past generations; and now it seems the time is ripe again to re-visit this notion that mankind might be better off if more attention were paid to our relationship to the land. Especially here, in the beauty of our Golden State, there is such benefit to us when we embrace this way of thinking when it comes to design.

Today’s Challenge

The problem today is that we seem to have moved away from a symbiotic, and thereby healthy, relationship with nature, to one that is much more problematic. “Why”, one might ask, has this occurred, and more importantly, “what” might we do about it.

In the coming months this newsletter will offer insight into and a potential solution to this serious disconnect- of ourselves from the very nature that sustains us and, ultimately, “is” us.

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