How Do you Select the Remodeling Team?

How to Select a Team for Your Team Remodeling Project
In any team remodeling project you start by interviewing and selecting any one of the following key players below. Look for a practiced team player with the skills required for your project and they will help you in the selection of the remaining team.
Who are the Key Players on a Team Remodeling Project?

  1. 1. Architect
  2. 2. Interior Designer
  3. 3. General Contractor
  4. 4. Landscape Designer

What does each Team Member Do?

  1. Architects work with you to understand and create your vision for your home, works with the local planning agencies, develops designs and produces working drawings for City approval and from which the general contractor can then build.
  2. Interior Designers are educators, consultants and facilitators, who looks at the whole picture and develop the Master Plan. They are a wealth of resources and make appropriate design specifications based on needs and budget. They create the vision and the sizzle and see the project through from start to finish. A great place to start is a designer’s portfolio.
  3. General Contractors work with the other team members to prepare early estimates, final comprehensive budgets, and cost evaluations. They do the construction, bring in appropriate sub-contractors, do scheduling and monitor quality control.
  4. Landscape Designers work with the entire team to create an integrated exterior plan for the hardscape, as well as the plantings.

Typically you would select the architect, interior designer or general contractor as Team Lead. Whomever you select as Lead, it is important to start early. A well-planned project can give you the results and cost savings you desire, while making certain the project runs smoothly.


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