5 Tests for Stroke – Save Someone’s Life this Valentine’s Day

5 Tests for Stroke and Interior Design… What?

I have come upon the best discovery – 5 Tests for Stroke. While it may seem to have nothing to do with interior design, it has everything to do with quality of life, and that is after all what interior design is all about. It has to do with your health, specifically your heart.

Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women. Early detection of a stroke saves lives and the quality of life. As a business owner who spends my days with clients, contractors and vendors, I would want to know how I could help with that… And I thought you might as well!

So What are the 5 Tests for Stroke?

These are some of the symptoms you will want to know to save someone’s life:

  1. Ask the person if their vision is BLURRY or DOUBLE.
  2. Ask the individual to SMILE – “Show me your teeth : )”
  3. Ask the person to TALK and SPEAK a coherent SIMPLE SENTENCE – “Jack and Jill went up the hill.”
  4. Ask him or her to CLOSE THEIR EYES and RAISE BOTH ARMS
  5. Ask the person to ‘STICK OUT HIS TONGUE’. If the tongue is crooked or goes to one side or the other, that could be the sign of a stroke.

You are looking for symmetry… Or lack thereof! If he or she has trouble with any one of these tasks or seems to have less strength in one side of their body, call emergency immediately. ACTING FAST at this point is the MOST important factor!

PLEASE… Print This list of 5 Tests for Stroke and Save in Your Wallet!

Forward this to someone you love. It might save their life.

Carol Woodard, ASID – Woodard and Associates

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