Get Organized – The Power of De-Cluttering Your Space

Organize and De-Clutter Your Home and Office Much has been written about the power of being organized and de-cluttering your home or office. With so little time in our schedule… Why take the time to focus on organization? It’s simple. A clean and functional space has a positive impact on our mood and makes much [...]

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Our Design and Remodeling Team’s Favorite: Blum’s Coffee Crunch Cake

A Sweet Treat from the Remodeling and Design Team at Woodard and Associates Carol Woodard here on behalf of the Design and Remodeling Team at Woodard and Associates to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday Season. In the spirit of giving, I would like to share with you the recipe  for the very, very favorite dessert of [...]

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Great News in Sustainable Flooring

Today You Have Many Choices in Sustainable Flooring Choosing an earth-friendly, sustainable flooring option for your home is very easy these days. In choosing to be kind to the environment, you also make your home attractive, low maintenance, and comfortable. Sustainable Flooring – Five Great Choices Cork – Easy on the feet and good noise insulators. When harvested cork [...]

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Energy Efficient Kitchen & Laundry Appliances

Energy Efficient Appliances in the Kitchen and Laundry Room – When Did We Begin to Really Care? Today, it’s all about buying the most energy efficient kitchen and laundry appliances you can. It all began back in the early 70’s after the oil crisis, many Americans began to look at ways to become more energy [...]

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Wow! An Energy Efficient Refrigerator Can Save Real Money in Your Kitchen

An Energy Efficient Refrigerator In Your Kitchen – What About the One in Your Garage? I have attended many industry talks on the subject of energy efficient kitchen appliances, and I have specified only the really efficient appliances for my clients, but recently I went to a class which focused on that old appliance, probably that [...]

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Easy-Open Hardware for Your Kitchen by Blum

Kitchen Drawers Open with Ease thanks to Blum Servo-Drive Hardware Blum has always strived to make you ever more comfortable in your kitchen.  Now they’ve come up with the ultimate solution – the Servo-Drive self-opening drawer for base units in the kitchen. Imagine you’ve just un-stacked the dishwasher and picked up a stack of dinner [...]

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Glass – The Versatile Kitchen and Bathroom Surface Solution

The Versatile, Safe and Durable Surface Solution for Today’s Kitchen and Bathroom Designs… Glass Versatile, safe and durable. Glass is perfect for kitchen counter tops, back splashes and bathroom shower walls. Glass isn’t just for windows and milk bottles anymore! The versatility of glass starts with a nearly limitless range of color and design available, from [...]

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Full Service Remodeling and Interior Design is Changing

Times they are a Changing in Interior Design and Remodeling I was recently asked to be the expert regarding “full service remodeling and interior design” as part of a panel of designers presenting to the Interior Design Business Practice Class at Canada College. With experience comes a wonderfully unique vantage point and I was excited [...]

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Exterior & Interior Design Materials – Not Every Stone is Stone

Yesterday’s Stone Exterior and Interior Design Materials Like the proverbial rolling stone, exterior and interior design materials change. Every design style eventually runs its course.  These styles are influenced by architects, designers, consumer demand and available materials.  In the last 7 to 10 years there has been a shift away from exterior and interior wall [...]

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The Truth Behind Granite and Radon Radiation

Concerned about Your Granite Countertops and Radon or Radiation? If you are concerned about radon and radiation in your home because of granite countertops, it may be because you have heard the commercials advertising the need for a radon gas detector in every home that has them. A media frenzy has ensued and much of [...]

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