An Energy Efficient Refrigerator In Your Kitchen – What About the One in Your Garage?

I have attended many industry talks on the subject of energy efficient kitchen appliances, and I have specified only the really efficient appliances for my clients, but recently I went to a class which focused on that old appliance, probably that extra energy hog refrigerator in the garage.  Now, I have heard all of this before… Many times. Haven’t we all. But for some reason this time it really resonated and I took action.

The Story of My Refrigerator

I had a refrigerator in my garage and small chest type freezer in my pantry.  Both of them were pre-vintage 76 and they worked perfectly, even if I needed to de-frost them occasionally. They are now history. I bought a small new Energy Smart refrigerator and a small freezer, and then I start to watch the electrical meter.  Wow, what a difference!

Energy Efficient Appliances Save Money Fast

I have now had them for about four months, and at the rate that I am saving money, they will both be “paid off” in less than two years.  I am now a convert… Really! I encourage you to take a look in your garage and see if you still have have one of these old energy hogs.  Maybe it is time to invest in something a little newer…  The money you save will be yours.


Carol Woodard, ASID – Woodard and Associates