Kitchen Drawers Open with Ease thanks to Blum Servo-Drive Hardware

Blum has always strived to make you ever more comfortable in your kitchen.  Now they’ve come up with the ultimate solution – the Servo-Drive self-opening drawer for base units in the kitchen.

Imagine you’ve just un-stacked the dishwasher and picked up a stack of dinner plates to put away in the drawer but it’s closed. So you have to put the plates down, open the drawer, pick them up again and store them.

Not any more! With the gentlest nudge or bump on the drawer front the drawer glides open and out smoothly and effortlessly.

What’s the secret to Easy-open Kitchen Drawers with Blum Servo-Drive Hardware?

An ingenious and hidden electric drive ensures that the action is perfect for even heavily laden drawers. And, of course, once the plates or whatever have been put back into the drawer a gentle push sees it back into its flush cabinet position with the soft close of Blumotion.

Don Segale – Segale Brothers Custom Cabinetry