Glass – The Versatile Kitchen and Bathroom Surface Solution

The Versatile, Safe and Durable Surface Solution for Today’s Kitchen and Bathroom Designs… Glass

Versatile, safe and durable. Glass is perfect for kitchen counter tops, back splashes and bathroom shower walls. Glass isn’t just for windows and milk bottles anymore! The versatility of glass starts with a nearly limitless range of color and design available, from solid colors, to intricate design and scenery.  Glass also offers the possibility of seamless to nearly seamless installation in any configuration imaginable.

Yes! Glass is a Safe Solution for Your Home

Some people ask “how can glass possibly be safe for these applications”?  Well to start with, we use tempered glass for nearly all of the installations.  Tempered glass has unmatched strength in comparison to stone.  Glass can be cantilevered to extend counter-tops or bar tops to increase overall counter-top space and adding more utility surface while not compromising or cramping floor space.

Tempered glass also withstands heat, so setting a hot cooking item on it’s surface will not crack your beautiful surfaces.  The same goes for back-splashes near the stove.  NO ill affects there either!

Glass is a Virtually Stain-Free and Sanitary Solution for Surfaces

DSCN00191-150x150While glass can be scratched like most any other counter-top surface, it can withstand impact better than most any surface available today.  Glass does not stain like many stone or synthetic surfaces, as it’s not nearly as porous as the other options, therefore is more sanitary as well.

The Green, Green Glass of Home

Last but not least, glass is probably the most “green” product available today! Unlike granite, marble and other stone, glass does not need to be quarried. Beyond that, it is very easily recycled and reconstituted into new product after it’s lived it’s life out in your home.


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