What is Meant by Team Remodeling?

Team Remodeling employs several independent professionals in the residential remodeling industry. These team members have either established a rapport, working together on previous projects, or are willing to become part of a team, offering their specialized skills to the homeowner. This collaborative approach benefits all involved. To the home-owner, it means all egos are left at the door. The process is about the team, and the success of the project is measured by the successful efforts of all of the players.

Top Players on a Team Remodeling Project

  1. Client
  2. Architect
  3. Interior Designer
  4. General Contractor
  5. Landscape Designer

If any one player fails, the whole team fails. You, the client, hires the team to not only perform the work, but to, even more importantly, make the job a pleasant experience.

What makes Team Remodeling Different?

Unlike new construction, remodeling will always have elements of unknown in it, and it is important all the players deal with these “surprises” in solution-based ways that benefit the project and the client. There is no room for putting blame on other team members. The client really does not care whose fault it is… They just want the problem solved!

This is why you really need solid team players. It takes a lot of talent to make for a successful project, and as an interior designer for the past thirty years, I have had the good fortune to work with some of the most incredibly talented people. In the following issues, I will share some of these people with you. I hope that you will enjoy meeting them as much as I enjoy working with them.

Carol Woodard

Woodard and Associates


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